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Volleyball Shoes

Here you will learn which volleyball shoes are on-trend right now and which ones we recommend the most. Find best recommendations and guides on VolleyGuide!

Under Armour volleyball shoes (1)

Under Armour Volleyball Shoes

Under Armour is an American sports brand that produces a variety of sports equipment, from football to basketball. Today, they also make volleyball equipment. They mainly cooperate with American universities, but they have also begun to expand elsewhere in the world. One volleyball team that wears Under Armor equipment is Calcit Kamnik from Slovenia. Under …

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Harden vol 6 review (1)

James Harden VOL 6 Review

Adidas has just launched new basketball shoes of the Harden line and could be a great pick for volleyball players as well. Volleyball is a sport that demands a lot from a pair of shoes—such as good traction, smooth heel-to-toe transition, supportive cushioning, and durability. Harden vol 6 is suitable for the fans of a …

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Nike Hyper Ace 2 Review (1)

Nike Hyperace 2 Review

With a very minimalistic design, Nike Hyperace 2 volleyball shoes, used by many professional athletes, including myself, could be one of the best picks for volleyball. Nike is becoming one of the go-to brands in the volleyball world due to producing high-quality equipment. Nike Hyperace 2 shoe uses zoom technology, and you will get a …

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Nike pg6 Review (1)

Nike PG6 Review

Nike PG6 ‘Hyper Royal’ on Nike US Shop -> https://t.co/aFCoFdSqgu#AD pic.twitter.com/Q6igXv2OfZ — SNKR_TWITR (@snkr_twitr) August 12, 2022 The history of the famous NBA basketball player’s shoe line dates back to 2016, when the first model in his collection was released. Nike is launching a new Paul George model, the sixth in their collection PG6. The …

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Nike React Hyperset

Nike React Hyperset

Nike has become one of the leading manufacturers of volleyball equipment in the world. More and more volleyball players are using Nike shoes, as they stand out from other brands with their modern look and large selection. The Nike Hyperset model is very reminiscent of Nike Hyperdunk, released in 2017. Nike has improved quite a …

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Welcome to VolleyGuide

Welcome To VolleyGuide

With VolleyGuide, our mission is to share real experiences from professional players’ standpoint to help elevate your game. Many volleyball players don’t realize their potential; they just need the proper guidance. We believe that sharing our experiences and providing this type of valuable information is the best way to evolve as players of the sport. …

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