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Adidas has just launched new basketball shoes of the Harden line and could be a great pick for volleyball players as well.

Volleyball is a sport that demands a lot from a pair of shoes—such as good traction, smooth heel-to-toe transition, supportive cushioning, and durability. Harden vol 6 is suitable for the fans of a full-length boost setup.

There are a lot of improvements in this new volume, such as an extra-soft stroke board, which provides excellent stepping comfort. This feature was absent in volume 1 of the series, where you could actually feel the stiffness of the stroke board beneath your heels. In addition to an extra-soft stroke board, harden volume 6 also offers impressive impact protection. The responsiveness and adequate impact protection provide support and help you a great deal with heel strikes. Since volleyball requires constant jumping and quick cutbacks, adequate impact protection is necessary for good performance on the court.

Another cool feature of harden volume 6 is ankle pads—soft memory-foam balls that provide support and comfort. This model definitely edges out volume 1 in terms of traction and cushion. All in all, harden volume 6 are great shoes for players who mostly play on outdoor courts, where more traction is needed.

These shoes are a bit pricy, given the $140 tag. But harden line has always been known to pay your money off. Overall, these shoes are impressive with good stability on the court, supportiveness, and a cool design.



Harden volume 6 offers stellar traction with solid rubber outsoles that are layered with mixed herringbone patterns. On the lateral side of the outsole, you will see more tightly-woven herringbone patterns than the rest of the outsole. This may allow for more traction in that area.

As far as overall traction is concerned, it is phenomenal.  The traction is top-tier for players who play on clean courts.

However, if you are playing on an outdoor court, your shoes will definitely pick up dust. But harden volume 6 offers similar traction in both outdoor and indoor settings. The only downside is the dust, which you may have to clean often.


Harden volume 6 has a full-length boost, which is quite visible on the medial side of the shoes. However, the cushioning setup feels and looks very similar to the harden volume 1. They both have a similar boost caged by solid rubber. The overall cushion of this model is very responsive, not very soft though, but feels real nice beneath the foot. The only improvement you may observe is the super-soft stroke board that provides stepping comfort in the heels, but you won’t feel it that much in the forefoot.

While there is not much improvement in the cushioning setup, you will like the overall responsiveness and impact protection of these shoes.


Honestly, the overall material of harden volume 6 does feel a little bit cheap. The upper side of the shoes is softer than what we had in harden volume1, but still, the material doesn’t have any premium vibe to it. If you are looking for something fancy that indicates premium quality, harden volume 6 isn’t for you.

However, one thing you may like about this volume is ankle pods. They are made from memory foam that will retain its shape and provide you with a very good feel.

Additionally, the tongue has minimum padding and is mostly made out of mesh fabric, which is a good thing.

Adidas usually uses recyclable material for its shoes, which is a very cool thing. The upper of harden volume 6 is also made of recyclables. This fact is very interesting, as it does attract a lot of eco-friendly buyers to their stores.


Harden volume 6 really conforms to your foot. It’s best that you go true to size because harden volume 6 has a length, and if you go down half a size, you may end up with a very snug fit. So, just be wary of that. Apart from that, the shoes have a very comfortable fit. One thing that’s different in previous volumes and harden volume 6 is the shape of the toe box. In harden volume 1; you will see that the toe box is more snug and tight. In harden volume 6; Adidas has made the toe box wider and roomier, which can be a good thing for people with wide feet. If you have a narrow foot, you can simply go up half a size.


Overall support of harden volume 6 shoes is great. The shoes provide you with adequate support during jumping and lateral movements. One thing that’s incredible about this model is how these shoes comfortably lock your toes and heels. Adidas is doing something incredible with memory foam ankle pods that no other shoe brand is doing. These pods really touch and support the fatty areas of your ankle, so have a compressive lockdown on your foot.


Harden volume 6 is for players who really want traction and support on the court. These shoes have a full-length boost system, which can really improve your performance. Boost foam can be really good for shock-inducing injuries, heel pain, and forefront pain, as they are incredibly accommodative. This model has quite a lot of improvements and feels much better than its predecessors. However, there is still room for more improvements, especially with materials and overall design. You can get pair of Harden VOL 6 on Amazon. For more Volleyball shoes and equipment check out our store.

Harden VOL 6 Review


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