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Volleyball is a very dynamic, fast-paced sport; as with any sport, sometimes injuries are inevitable. Proper protection/recovery gear is essential to heal or prevent injuries. As you probably saw, lots of volleyball players (myself included) wear braces at volleyball games. They wear different brands, but one of them that came to the market not so long ago is Incrediwear gear. Matt Anderson Klemen Čebulj, and Gregor Ropret all wear gear from Incrediwear. In this article, we will go through what the Inrediwear equipment is and how/when you could use it to get the most out of it, based on my experience wearing it.

What is Incrediwear?

Incrediwear provides recovery gear that is worn both by athletes and regular people. Rest is extremely important for athletes, and their equipment accelerates regeneration after heavy training sessions. It relieves muscle pain and fatigue, which will help to return to sports or normal functionality faster. Besides, it will also reduce the chances of injuries if worn regularly.

It works on the natural healing process. They state that in contact with the body, the functional Incrediwear fabric begins releasing negative ions, increasing blood flow and consequently accelerating recovery and regeneration. And heals damaged tissues. It will provide the broken parts with the necessary nutrients and more oxygen. That will help with recovery, speeding it up after injury or surgery.

It is based on innovative active fabric technology that includes carbon germanium and semiconducting elements. In contact with the body, they release negative ions that activate cell vibrations, speeding up and increasing blood flow.

After injuries or operations, the affected parts of the body recover faster with accelerated blood circulation. Incrediwear, with its active fabric, which triggers cellular vibrations in contact with the body, is proven to accelerate blood circulation by up to 20%. Recovery is thus faster, and pain is milder. Okay now that we described the product, let’s continue to the best part! our Incrediwear reviews.

Incrediwear reviews

Urban Toman (Volleyball Player)

Urban Toman
Photo: ACH Volley: Alen Hadzic

As a professional volleyball player, I have dealt with many injuries.  The knee injury was one of them. I tried a few different knee braces brands in the past, but Incrediwear gear exceeded them.  When I wear a knee or leg sleeve from Incrediwear, it gives a feeling of relief, reduces pain, and even allows me to train in case of minor injuries. Volleyball players can deal with different injuries, and the best thing about Incrediwear is that they offer their products for all body parts.

One thing to consider is that all the braces can get torn pretty quickly, mainly for athletes due to lots of contact with the ground and so on, so I recommend you wear something over. I always wear knee pads over the knee brace, and until now, I have had no problems whatsoever.

Washing their equipment is also easy; however, avoid washing it at high temperatures. Usually, I wash it under the tap water, and it gets the job done.

Having a great sleep as an athlete is essential, and if you feel pain wherever it is hard to achieve it. Incrediwear gear can also be easily worn while asleep, without blood flow stoppage. Choose the proper size to get the most out of the equipment.

Overall great product and I would recommend it to everybody who is experiencing problems with either injury or recovering after surgery.

Incrediwear Knee Sleeve Review

Urban Toman

Incrediwear while resting (1)

Gregor Ropret (Volleyball Player)

Gregor Ropret Photo: CEV

I struggled with lower back pain for a long time due to an awkward movement in the match. The worst was in the evening after training when the body cooled down. It was difficult for me to find a comfortable sleeping position, and as a result, I woke up a lot at night and tossed and turned, and in general, I slept poorly. With the Incrediwear Body sleeve, my sleep has improved a lot, and the whole regeneration and back problems have probably disappeared with it. I hope that Incrediwear will help many more people with back pain, just like me.

Incrediwear Body Sleeve Review

Gregor Ropret



Hopefully, you got a good overview with our reviews of the Incrediwear protection gear that will help you keep your joints healthy. Having quality recovery/protection gear will definitely help with preventing unwanted injuries or help recover faster. Do you deal with any injuries or pain as well?  Give Incrediwear gear a try; you will not be disappointed. Their recovery gear is helping even elite athletes, so why wouldn’t it help you as well?

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