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Nike has become one of the leading manufacturers of volleyball equipment in the world. More and more volleyball players are using Nike shoes, as they stand out from other brands with their modern look and large selection. The Nike Hyperset model is very reminiscent of Nike Hyperdunk, released in 2017. Nike has improved quite a few things with the Hyperset model. One of these is the React system, which is getting better in Nike shoes every year.

The Nike Hyperset fits your foot perfectly and, thanks to the three lace holes on the top of the shoe, allows for more lace-up options. They also brought flywire technology back which is great. In addition to the laces, this model also includes the Velcro system, which helps support the foot. This will make your foot more protected from rapid lateral movements.

This shoe model is made primarily for light and medium-heavy players (Libero, setters, and receivers). Volleyball is considered a more straightforward sport than basketball. So volleyball shoe manufacturers try to make their shoes as light as possible. Omitting frames that further strengthen the shoes.

This is one of the facts, which is neither bad nor good and is also the main reason basketball shoes are much more used in volleyball than volleyball shoes in basketball, which leads directly to the fact that volleyball brands have started to follow this trend—trying to get as close to basketball shoes in terms of appearance and performance.

Nike Hyperset Volleyball Shoe Black/Pink

Nike react Hyperset review


Nike Hyperdunk 2017 provided excellent traction, and the Hyperset model didn’t disappoint as well. Even if you play on dusty surfaces, you won’t have a problem with this shoe. The only thing you need to know is that, as with any shoe, you will need to wipe the dust that accumulates on the sole from time to time. With such a grip, you will easily make fast lateral movements, which will surely improve your defense and reactions.


Well, let’s see what Nike did with the cushion. As was the case with the Hyperdunk shoe, this one also uses the React system. The beginnings of this system weren’t the best, and it didn’t give a real sense of softness, but it seems to be slowly improving that. The shoe’s cushion has improved even though it is still not at that highest level and if you have problems with your ankles or knees, maybe consider some other model.

Wear Resistance

The wear resistance of the Nike Hyperset is excellent. Of course, only this depends on the amount of training and playing you do. My teammate used them almost all season, which is a rarity on a professional level.


As for the fit of the shoe to the foot, you should consider that these are more intended for those with narrower feet. So in case you have a wider foot, consider taking some number bigger size. It may even be advisable to try them first unless you are willing to spend the first two weeks in pain if they are too narrow for you. You should know that this shoe is not the most comfortable out there; better options are available in terms of that.


Overall support of the shoe is also great. The Velcro system will provide extra support for your feet so you can jump and do lateral movements with ease without putting too much strain on your foot. However, the only thing you need to take in consideration is that the Velcro system can cause a problem for those with wider feet and ankles. Because it is made of some kind of plastic material, it can scratch you in the ankle area. This becomes very distracting over time. Should not be a problem if you have a narrower foot and ankle.


In terms of the design, it differs from previous Hyperdunk models mainly due to the use of the Velcro system. It looks much heavier than it is, around 360g, and Due to its bulky look, it could quickly distract many a customer. The Velcro lacing system could have been more minimalist and made of softer material as many players lamented the cuts on their ankles. In terms of looks, Nike certainly still has room for improvement.


Nike Hyperset will for sure find the right buyer. With these shoes, you will get excellent traction and great support. The cushion uses the React system, which Nike has improved over previous models. If you’ve had a bad experience with Nike Hyperdunk, forget about it, as these shoes are different. They are much better, although there is still room for improvement, especially with comfort and looks wise.

Nike Hyperset Review



All Volleyball is a store that offers a variety of high-quality volleyball products from the most renowned brands. It’s worth a look. We hope you got a good impression of the Hyperset shoe and get a better idea of ​​what you will gain by buying it; our goal is to present volleyball products in the best possible way to make your choice and purchase easier. If you have any questions about volleyball equipment in general, ask at any time, and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

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