The history of the famous NBA basketball player’s shoe line dates back to 2016 when the first model in his collection was released. Nike is launching a new Paul George model, the sixth in their collection PG6. The visual aspect of this particular model shows more attractiveness than its predecessors and is characterized by curved lines with semicircles embedded on the shoe’s upper sole. Basketball shoes are getting more and more popular in the volleyball community. Our goal is to provide reviews on all shoes that can be easily used in volleyball. Let’s see if PG6s are one of them.

Nike used the React system for the shoe cushion (PG6), allowing easier landings at high jump loads. We can expect a wide variety of color variants and various signature models throughout the year, which Nike regularly releases on the most famous days and holidays of the year.

Let’s see what we were able to pick up in our online research and what other reviewers had to say in this Nike PG6 Review.

Nike PG6 Review


As in previous models, traction does not disappoint here as well. The lower part of the shoe contains various cuts that will allow quick lateral movements without any significant slips. In volleyball, lateral moves are substantial. The Nike PG 6 will not disappoint you in this context, so if you need a good grip with parquet, they are an excellent choice for you in terms of this element.


Let’s see how the Nike PG6 cushion performs. Nike uses react system technology in this shoe. Cushioning is good, though not as soft as, say, in other Nike shoes. This isn’t such a big deal, you’ll still be able to perform jumps without a problem, and the landings will be soft.

Wear Resistance:

You should use them slightly longer than previous models due to more rubber on the outsole, but get ready that the treads could start wearing down pretty quickly. For such a light shoe, you will get very decent upper durability and stability, which is fantastic.


The size nine shoe weighs around 380-390 grams; in terms of size, it’s just fine and goes with the whole width and length of the foot. There’s nothing wrong with going half a number lower. For those with wide feet, go 100% with true to size to avoid any unwanted pain from the sides. As for the feel, the shoes should feel incredibly soft and fluffy on foot; in this sense, the shoe’s comfort will not disappoint you. Breathability in PG6 is not the best, and it can happen that your foot will constantly sweat.


Shoe support is just fine; Upper stability might be a little better. As for the ankle, the support is solid; of course, it will not protect it like some other high-top shoes, but it should get the job done. The shoe is suitable for all playing positions as good traction will help with fast lateral movements. Overall, it will give you solid support, and it would also be a good fit for those in a little bit heavier category.

Overall Nike PG 6 Performance

Coming at a reasonable price at around $120 PG6’s, should not disappoint. They will provide excellent grip, cushion, and comfort while lightweight, which is crucial in volleyball while jumping and making quick movements. Issues that you can spot are stability and outsole durability, which can wear down pretty quickly if you plan to use them daily. We can be sure that Nike will release quite a few different designs of the PG6 trend throughout the year, marking holidays and special days. If you need shoes that will enable good performance and have a simple yet attractive design, PG6 should be the right purchase for all volleyball players. That’s why they made it to our top 5 list of best volleyball shoes (overall) as well.


Nike PG 6


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