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Mizuno Women’s Wave Momentum 2


  • ENERZY cushioning for excellent comfort
  • Designed for high stability during landing
  • Design that comfortably wraps the foot
  • Smooth roll-off heel to toe
  • Suitable for Middle Blockers and Opposites

The unrivaled comfort and cushioning of the new Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 Women’s Shoe allows you to perform at your best from start to finish. The seamless upper construction makes the shoe lightweight, allowing you to move faster and easier on the field. The latest Mizuno ENERZY technology features Mizuno Wave, well-known for its heel stability and cushioning. as well as improved cushioning and responsiveness. In addition, the new eyelet structure achieves an optimal fit and reduces stress without feeling oppressive. Thanks to the ultimate comfort offered by the shoe, you will always enjoy optimum playing comfort. Proper support is very important in sports to prevent injuries. The Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 Women’s Shoe is recommended for all-around indoor athletes who require a high level of stability and comfortable cushioning.