Top 10 Women’s Volleyball Shoes (Updated 2023)

Top 10 women's Volleyball shoes

In comparison with men’s, women’s volleyball shoes are performance-wise the same as men’s. The only difference is in the designs. The shoes have to perform great on the court, but at the same time, and what is essential for women they have to look pretty as well.

Interestingly, on the professional level, women’s volleyball players have similar salaries, if not bigger, than men. This is quite rare if we look at other sports. Due to no physical contact in volleyball, most people consider this women’s sport, which is absolutely not true. Volleyball is an intense and attractive sport, both men’s and women’s, but some key differences are obvious. Women’s plays or actions are much longer and overall involve more defense due to less powerful attacks.

On the other hand, men’s volleyball is much more physical; plays are shorter due to stronger attacks which are much harder to defend. Players must wear high-quality volleyball shoes to play and at the same time feel good.

Basketball shoes are getting more and more popular with men’s volleyball, while in women’s volleyball, not really. Volleyball-specific shoes are still the go-to for most, so let’s take a look at our top 10 women’s volleyball shoes list in terms of design and performance available on All Volleyball online store!

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The Best women’s volleyball shoes (OVERALL)

Adidas Women’s Novaflight


  • Regular fit
  • Lace closure
  • Lightweight mesh upper
  • Locked-in feel
  • Textile lining
  • Bounce midsole
  • Rubber outsole with flex zones
  • Recommended for Liberos and Setters

These women’s Adidas Novaflight indoor shoes keep you on top. Their lightweight upper mesh locks down your midfoot for stable take-offs and landings. Inaddition to the the responsive Bounce midsole specially shaped for vertical movements, the outsole will give you a grip to make fast movements in all directions. The Court Performance System outsole keeps you competitive when you return to the ground. With rounded edges and a multidirectional grip, Adidas novaflight volleyball shoes deliver responsive movement that feels natural.

Adidas makes amazing models. Anyone fan of Adidas can surely confirm that it is one of the best models from their famous line of volleyball shoes. What we can guarantee about these sneakers is their incredible comfort. Their special Bounce technology is created to allow you to use all your raw energy. This sole provides instant reassurance, and you will feel that the power returns with every step you take. No slipping on the court, no sliding inside the shoe. 

Extremely light volleyball shoes

They have an incredibly natural feel. Their upper is made of a mesh material light enough to allow your foot to breathe and firm enough not to affect your stability. And the laces allow you to tighten them around the foot, not just the top. Being able to adjust the tightness to your comfort is key!

The sole in Adidas women’s Novaflight is made of gum rubber, providing excellent traction, which will help you to make quick lateral movements effortlessly. You have to consider this is a low-top shoe, so If you regularly experience ankle problems, you should consider going with a mid-top build. UNLESS you wear ankle braces, then the lowtop shoes should be your choice. They come in many colors and designs, and thats why we recommend them on our Top Ten Women’s volleyball shoes!

Best volleyball shoes for setter

Under Armour Women’s HOVR Block City


  • Synthetic midfoot Increased foam for better comfort
  • Webbed, lockdown lacing system
  • TPU toe cap for improved support
  • UA HOVR™ technology
  • Molded Sockliner will provide ideal underfoot comfort
  • Excellent traction
  • Best for Liberos, Setters, Outside Hitters

Under Armour also makes a women’s volleyball shoe, much like their biggest competition; Nike and Adidas. There are three models available, but we find the  most attractive is  the UA Women’s HOVR Block city In White and gold colorway.

Synthetic midfoot panels will allow you to have sufficient support and stability which is extremely important for injury prevention. In addition to that, the foam inside the ankle collar will offer better comfort and ankle stability. UA HOVR cushioning also provides soft landings, excellent news for our knees! All Under Armour shoes that we wore offered excellent traction, therefore this one should too. With a full rubber herringbone traction pattern, you will be able to do lateral movements with ease, which Is crucial in women’s volleyball due to longer and more defensive-oriented actions.

Their upper mesh material is extremely adaptable and provides your feet with exceptional comfort without feeling tight or putting pressure on your feet. It also prevents the shoes from smelling too bad and also provides a lighter feel. 

Light and flexible materials

These specially designed volleyball shoes from Under Armour are made to make every movement feel natural and make each jump feels as explosive as the one before.

Under Armour has created a phenomenal product using various technology and experience. The sneaker is adapted to absolutely everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional volleyball player, amateur, or recreational player; this piece suits everyone. Let your training be your best ally when it comes to the game. Move and jump higher and faster than your opponents, bringing victory to your team.

All in all the design and performance of these under-armour shoes is just amazing and it was an easy choice for us to put them on our list of top 10 women’s volleyball shoes list.

Asics Women’s Sky Elite FF 2


  • Gel technology cushion
  • TWISTRUSS technology
  • Low-top Recommended for Liberos and Setters.
  • Mid-top recommended for Outside Hitters, Middle blockers and Opposites

Some players we know wore Asics Sky Elite and they offer excellent traction and support for the foot. Asics uses their gel technology for foot cushion and knee support. You’ll notice that  the curved heel shape Asics Sky Elite offers a better feel, and provides greater heel and ankle support. DYNAWRAP technology will provide better stability while TWISTRUSS will help you with overall feel when jumping. Our considered model is a low-top version, but the mid-top is the way to go if you need better support (especially for the ankles). 

This unique addition to the Asics volleyball shoes collection is more than impressive. The upper part of the sneaker is made of high-quality mesh. The mesh keeps the leg from suffocating, and the soft foam inserts comfortably wrap around the area below the ankle.

The laces are crossed through special holes specially cut on this model of Asics sneakers from the sports collection – enabling them to be tightened around the foot. This is how you can adjust the tension around the ankle yourself. It gives you complete freedom to adjust the tightness of the sneakers exactly as it suits you! 

Stability and comfort

The first thing you look for in a sneaker is stability and comfort. Dynawarp technology combines flexibility with superior strength, giving them higher braking power. This sneaker ensures complete freedom of movement due to its lightweight build. At the same time, gives you the stability to move. The lightness combined with traction allows you to give maximum effort comfortably for every practice or game.

The great comfort AND foot security is every athlete’s dream. When you have confidence in your volleyball shoes, victories will become normality, and training will become much more efficient. Asics are one of the most worn shoes by professionals!

Best volleyball shoes for hitters (overall)

Adidas Women’s Crazyflight W-Mid


  • Regular fit
  • adidas Crazyflight MID (white & more) features a lace closure
  • Durable lightweight stretch mesh upper
  • Knitted inner sock
  • TPU yarn midfoot reinforcements
  • Molded sock liner and Boost midsole
  • Top Grip rubber outsole
  • Prime green

When you need to dominate on the volleyball court, try on these Adidas women’s Crazyflight W shoes. Equipped with a stabilizing EVA frame, their Boost midsole provides ignition for big jumps and cushioning for graceful landings. The lightweight mesh upper has a mid-cut design and TPU-reinforced midfoot, so you stay supported when you land. Adidas Crazyflight MID indoor volleyball shoes charge you with endless energy to keep you flying on the volleyball court. 

The engineered mesh upper cools your feet with a mid-cut and a snug fit to keep you stable. The supportive mid-cut hugs your ankle, providing a stable platform for twists, turns, and side steps. The rubber outsole on Adidas women’s Crazyflight W volleyball shoes gives you the traction you need to dominate. The upper, made with Primegreen, contains 50% recycled plastic, one step toward eliminating plastic waste. Feel good in the shoes and do good for the environment!

Breathability is great

Besides being incredibly lightweight, the mesh in the upper part will allow your foot to breathe. A durable structure will at the same time stabilize the ankles and protect them no matter on which surface you play.

With Boost technology, you’ll have a perfectly smooth fit, which means you will make explosive movements with ease. It will absorb forces efficiently which will help with longevity. Additional TPU reinforcement brings stability as your feet stay fixed. It definitely deserves to be in our top 10 women’s volleyball shoes list.

Best volleyball shoes for Liberos

Adidas Women’s New Crazyflight (LOW)


  • Regular fit
  • Lace closure
  • Durable, lightweight stretch mesh upper
  • Knitted inner sock
  • TPU yarn midfoot support
  • Top Grip rubber outsole
  • Recommended for Liberos, Setters, and Outside Hitters.

Compared to the Novaflight model, the Adidas Crazyflight model will offer similar performance. The key difference is in the midsole. In this model, Adidas used Boost technology, which should provide better cushioning than bounce. Midfoot reinforcements will add additional feet support, furthermore leading to better reactions and easier lateral movements. Traction is excellent also, which has been known for Adidas volleyball shoes.

In terms of the design, they also come in the Mid-top version. The version we previously mentioned. 

Fill the court and dominate every point. Your agility, speed, and precision are the most important things you need on the court. To achieve these qualities, you need to have confidence in your gear. We can confidently say that these volleyball shoes from Adidas could be exactly what you are looking for.

Extremely adaptable upper mesh material

It has an upper mesh material that is extremely adaptable and provides your feet with exceptional comfort without feeling tight. Also, light and flexible materials will reduce pressure and give you a very comfortable fit, which is crucial with any volleyball shoes.

Adidas Boost technology is a product of Adidas Innovation Team (AIT) and German chemists BASF. It’s flexible enough to provide a silky smooth fit – no matter how fast movements you do. But we can’t talk about Boost without talking about energy absorption – also Boost’s most famous benefit. Don’t count on your feet sliding around in your shoes with these bad boys!

Thanks to this technology, you will have a much faster reaction when doing lateral movements. Regarding their design, we can’t help but notice that they don’t follow the trend; they stand out. The combination of superior comfort and modern design will make you want to wear them all day. People will be asking you what kind of shoes you’re wearing. Easy decision for us to give these a place in our top 10 women’s volleyball shoes list.

Best volleyball shoes for opposite hitters

Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z6


  • Eva midsole
  • Lightweight
  • Wave technology
  • D-flex groove
  • Breathable engineered mesh
  • Low-top best for Liberos, and Setters
  • Mid-top is best for Outside Hitters, Opposites and Middle Blockers.

Mizuno shoes are slowly losing their popularity among volleyball players. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get good performance out of them. We know some players that still love and use the Mizuno shoes. They’re one of the OG makers of volleyball-specific shoes.

As the popularity of styling in volleyball grows, so does the popularity of volleyball shoes. While mizuno’s aren’t flashy shoes, they’re extremely practical. With these volleyball sneakers, you will notice their superior comfort; allowing you to wear them all day long without straining your joints and legs. Thanks to the high-quality materials, this phenomenal model makes the upper mesh material extremely adaptable. It provides your feet with exceptional comfort without the feeling of constriction or pressure on the feet.

Light and flexible materials

Another characteristic of this model is that they have a unique rubber sole. In addition to the fact that it will be easy for you to take care of it, we must mention that the sole is made to be as durable as possible. The sole technology of the skirt provides traction and stability. Mizuno’s are more sleek compared to their counterparts. Many court shoes we see these days are making a wider sole. 

Mizuno wave lightning Z6 model uses Wave technology to provide good cushion and stability, help with softening the landings and protect your foot from forces while making quick lateral movements. In addition to that, it is also considered a lightweight and highly breathable volleyball shoe, which will prevent you from over-sweating.

Mizuno’s last a long time, they’re built for the sport and do not lose their structure. They’re popular, and for a good reason. They allow you to play your best with comfort and the confidence that your shoes will help you achieve your goals, not hinder you. 

Best volleyball shoes for outside hitters

Asics Women’s Netburner Ballistic FF MT 2


  • Gel cushioning
  • Flexible fit
  • Great durability
  • TWISTRUST Technology that will provide more speed and stability
  • FLYTEFOAM Propel Technology
  • Suitable for Outside Hitters, Opposites and Middle Blockers

Next in our top 10 women’s volleyball shoes list is Asics Women’s Netburner Ballistic FF MT 2. Like other Asics models, this one also uses Gel technology to provide sufficient cushioning and provides soft landings. The supportive material inside the shoe will give you better overall support, especially the mid-top version, which has better ankle protection.

When it comes to quality and comfortable volleyball shoes, the first association that comes to mind has to be Asics. This Japanese multinational company is old school in volleyball. Ask any older player which shoes they would recommend, and they will say Asics. Asics makes some of the best shoes around! That’s why you will see different models on our list. 

Netburner technology

Netburner technology of gel pads absorbs shocks and enables more efficient movements and maximum comfort. With these model from the Asics volleyball shoe selection, the leg and the ankle will be fixed, stable, and safe, significantly facilitating even the most demanding movements and sudden changes in direction. You can go with a low-top version as well but in that case, wear an ankle brace to enhance the upper support. These volleyball shoes will support your efforts to shine in every match, they are stable and reliable, and they also look great, attractive, and modern.

With Asics, you get what you pay for – great shoes.

Best volleyball shoes for middle blocker

Mizuno Women’s Wave Momentum 2


  • ENERZY cushioning for excellent comfort
  • Designed for high stability during landing
  • Design that comfortably wraps the foot
  • Smooth roll-off heel to toe
  • Suitable for Middle Blockers and Opposites

Wave momentum 2 will provide excellent ankle support, and we would recommend them to middle blockers or opposites.

What we can’t help but notice when it comes to Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 is their price. A favorable price-quality ratio is what everyone is looking for. This particular model is not the cheapest on the market, but if you are looking for volleyball shoes that suit you the best price shouldn’t be an obstacle. Mizuno Wave momentums had been on the market for a long time which is another indicator of their quality.

Aesthetics and performance

The upper part will provide maximum ventilation and comfort during wearing. High-quality materials and perforated design allow constant airflow, which should prevent constant feet sweating. And when sudden changes of direction are involved, they will give you exceptional grip.

When it comes to movements while playing, this model of Mizunos will give you enough support and security to protect you from unwanted injuries. The lacing system is also a plus, it’s better than in other models. One thing to keep in mind when comparing them with other volleyball shoes is the materials – quality wins every time. 

Usually, volleyball shoes rip in the front area because of diving, sliding, braking, and changing directions. We exert a lot of force through our feet when we play. Keeping that in mind, the materials used in Mizuno Wave momentum 2 prioritize longevity. Performance-wise and quality-wise it’s a shoe it’s worth buying. Two of the main reasons these made our list!

Budget women’s Volleyball shoes

Asics Women’s Gel Tactic


  • GEL Technology improves cushioning
  • Trusstic Technology improves stability
  • Rubber sole for traction
  • Low-top
  • Suitable for Liberos and Setters.

For those on budget and looking for reliable women’s volleyball shoes under $100 Asics Gel tactic could indeed be one of the best picks. Like others, It also uses Gel technology to provide excellent shock absorption and cushioning under the feet. Traction in Asics shoes was never a question or a problem, so this one should get the job done. Easy choice for us to give them a place in the list of the top 10 women’s volleyball shoes.

With a Trusstic system, you will be provided with greater support to keep your foot in place. They offer a lot for the price, and we see them as shoes that could be used on a professional level as well.

Trusstic technology

The fact that Trusstic technology is used in the middle part of the soles indicates that this structure gives the volleyball shoe stability it needs. It prevents twisting during movements and they will give you enough support to make lateral movements and jumps with ease. Not to be overlooked is the Gel technology. I’s located in the sole and ensures easy and comfortable landings, a huge priority for our jumpers. Your ankles and knees will be definitely thankful for the extra support. 

When it comes to the design of these sneakers from the Asics collection, you will see that it is incredibly simple. These extremely light and breathable sneakers combine supreme comfort and modern design, and if you are on a budget, changing shoe size often, (you’re continuing to grow) You will not be disappointed.

Adidas women’s Ligra 7


  • Regular fit
  • Lace closure
  • Mesh upper with supportive overlays
  • Breathable feel
  • Abrasion-resistant synthetic leather toe
  • EVA midsole cushioning
  • Non-marking Adiwear outsole with 360-degree grip pattern
  • Prime green

The next model for our budget choice is Adidas Ligra 7 model. Their breathable mesh in the upper part of the shoe will provide breathability and comfort, which is what most players are looking for. Similar to other Adidas models that we discussed these are also made with Primegreen, a series of high-performance recycled materials.

Volleyball shoes are the most important piece of equipment all players should give attention to weather they are professionals or amateurs. In addition to absorbing shocks better, they also provide comfort to the foot. Using good-performing shoes for training and matches reduces the possibility of sports injuries. Thankfully each brand tries to constantly improve the new technologies to make shoes with even better durability and comfort and support.

Aesthetics and performance

High-quality materials and perforated design allow constant air flow, so feet are always dry. And when sudden changes of direction are involved, they will give you exceptional confidence with style. 

The multidirectional sole provides durability and excellent grip on the floor. It helps you stay in control when making fast lateral movements.

The shoes from the Adidas volleyball models are the perfect choice for those who want to be seen as part of a generation that wants to change our planet for the better. By wearing either Adidas Ligra 7 volleyball shoes or any other model, you are taking steps towards a more environmentally friendly future with less waste. With Adidas Ligra 7 our top 10 women’s volleyball shoes list is complete.

1.Adidas Women’s NovaflightLow-top$99.95
2.Under Armour Women’s HOVR Block CityLow-top$114.95
3.ASICS Women’s Sky Elite FFLow-top, Mid-top$119.95
4.Adidas Women’s new Crazyflight MIDMid-top$139.95
5.Adidas Women’s New CrazyflightLow-top, Mid-top$124.95
6.Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z6Low-top Mid-top$119.95
7.Asics Women’s Netburner Ballistic FF MT 2Low-top, Mid-top$114.95
8.Mizuno Women’s Wave Momentum 2Mid-top$143.95
9.Asics Women’s Gel TacticLow-top$84.95
10.Adidas women’s Ligra 7Low-top$59.95
Top 10 Women’s Volleyball Shoes


This will be all for this list of the top 10 women’s volleyball shoes! We hope you’ve got enough quality information in order to help you decide which women’s volleyball shoes to choose next.

What are your thoughts on our Top 10 women’s volleyball shoes list? Would you make it differently? Let us know by leaving the comment down below.

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