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Under Armour Volleyball Shoes

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Under Armour is an American sports brand that produces a variety of sports equipment, from football to basketball. Today, they also make volleyball equipment. They mainly cooperate with American universities, but they have also begun to expand elsewhere in the world. One volleyball team that wears Under Armor equipment is Calcit Kamnik from Slovenia.

Under Armour volleyball shoes came on the scene a while ago, but only women’s models are currently available. Basketball shoes are becoming more popular between volleyball players, and that why Under Armour probably decided to start producing volleyball specific shoes as well.

Under armour volleyball shoes models avaliable

There is not a large selection of volleyball shoes on the market. Still, we expect this to change eventually, as Under Armor is just starting its journey among volleyball shoe manufacturers.

Looking at the current models available, we can see that Under Armor has put a lot of effort into the design. A similarity can be found with basketball models.

Players can wear Armour women’s volleyball shoes with pride, as they will stand out from the rest of the players. You can choose between both high and low models.

What will you gain by choosing Under Armour volleyball shoes?


For excellent and memorable performances on the volleyball court, the comfort of the shoe will play a significant role. Under Armour volleyball shoes simultaneously offer stability, excellent ankle support, and breathability. Sweat shouldn’t be much of a problem with these.


One of the great features of Under Armour volleyball shoes is the cushioning. The shoe’s upper part near the ankles is padded, which will also help when putting the shoe on your foot.

The hundreds of jumps a volleyball player makes during training can increase the possibility of injury if the shoes are not of sufficient quality. That will certainly not be a problem with Under Armour volleyball shoes, as they use UA HOVR technology to ensure soft landings.


One of the negatives of using basketball shoes for volleyball is that they tend to tear quickly. Under Armour has used TPU (Transparent thermoplastic polyurethane) for technology in volleyball shoes, which will help protect both the toes and the ankle. At the same time, this will also help extend the life of a shoe.


Traction will also be very effective on the armor volleyball shoes, so you won’t have to worry about constantly wiping the soles. The only minor downside of these volleyball shoes is that they get dusty rather quickly if you play on dusty surfaces.

Under Armor white volleyball shoes

When choosing between the available colors, we recommend choosing white Under Armour volleyball shoes because, in our opinion, they are much more attractive than black. The logo in the shade of gold only brightens up the entire shoe—one of the most beautiful designs among all volleyball shoes.

Injuries are a part of every sport. If you have already had ankle or foot injuries in your career, we recommend choosing the High model, namely the Under Armour Women’s Hovr Higlights Ace 3.0.

However, if you wear ankle braces, we recommend to choose the Low model Under Armour Women’s Hovr Block City 3.0. That is because you will not be able to combine the brace and shoes with a high upper part.

Under armour volleyball shoes pros and cons


  • Great support
  • Great cushioning
  • Good Traction on a clean court
  • Best suited for hitters


  • High heel top which prevents players from wearing ankle braces

Avaliable at all volleyball

Under Armour Women’s Hovr Block City 3.0

  • Synthetic midfoot Increased foam for better comfort
  • Webbed, lockdown lacing system
  • TPU toe cap for improved support
  • UA HOVR™ technology
  • Molded Sockliner will provide ideal underfoot comfort
  • Excellent traction
  • Best for Liberos, Setters, Outside Hitters

Under Armour Women’s Highlights Ace 3.0

  • Synthetic midfoot Increased foam for better comfort
  • Webbed, lockdown lacing system
  • TPU toe cap for improved support
  • UA HOVR™ technology
  • Molded Sockliner will provide ideal underfoot comfort
  • Excellent traction
  • Best for Middle Blockers and Opposite hitters


The Under Armour brand is undoubtedly the brand that will be even more successful in volleyball. In the future we can expect more models coming both in men’s and women’s collection. Volleyball is progressing from a marketing point of view, which is also visible in the increase of volleyball fans on social media and the Internet. And brands will 100% follow the trend.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional volleyball player, amateur, or recreational player; this piece of the shoes suits everyone. Let your training be your best ally when it comes to the game. Move and jump higher and faster than your opponents, and bring the victory to your team. Overall, the design and performance of these Under Armour volleyball shoes are just excellent, and it was an easy choice for us to put them also on our top 10 women’s volleyball shoes list. We wish you a successful season and as few injuries as possible!

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