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The most successful athletes are ones who know how to persevere. It’s not just a will of strength, but one of self-awareness. Sports aren’t mindless; they require focus. Getting better requires analysis. That’s why you have coaches. They help you to analyze your game and show you where and how you can improve. If you apply your mind to your reps, think about what you did, why you did it and how to fix it, you will improve drastically. This, along with the skills of volleyball can be taught to you.


When I was 14, I left my home state of Wyoming for California. I played for four years in the Bay Area during my high school years. Consequently, I earned a full-ride scholarship to Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles, CA. LMU is a division one school and was a top 25 team in three of the four years I played. Notably, LMU was invited to the NCAA playoffs twice during my tenure; in 2012 and 2014.

After university, I moved to Geneva Switzerland to continue my volleyball career. I played two consecutive seasons with the Eagles professionally. After my second season with them, I sadly had to return home to the United States and tend to chronic pain plaguing my knee. I am no stranger to injury or recovery – as I endured two knee operations and managed to return to the professional arena. Once again, I landed in Geneva. Thereupon, I pursued a master’s degree and another opportunity to play professionally. I earned a top-scorer jersey my first season back. However, 2020 proved to get the better of me and forced a medical retirement – a torn rotator cuff.

It is here and now, two years into retirement that I have the pleasure of writing about volleyball and hoping to guide other athletes to achieve their dreams. I have 18 years of volleyball experience. Through these years there are many of pain, resilience, strength, weakness, and everything in between. My goal as a coach is to not only help you see yourself playing the game better, but give you the tools to improve them for the long haul.

Cait De Witt Strugar

how it works

You send us game film, film from practice or you doing any specific skill you would like to improve. It’s best to include game film as well as reps from practice so we can see what your skill set looks like in a controlled and uncontrolled environment. How well do your reps from practice carry-over to game? Do you consistently play better in games than in practice? We want both to see if there’s a dissonance. 

We spend time analyzing the game film without you. The reason you use us as a resource is for an objective opinion.  

We review the film with you. This way we can get a better idea of where you are. We need to discover your ambitions, identify your skill level, and then create a plan to achieve it. 

We give concrete advice to help improve your desired skill. This means that we will give you actual things to work on. Most of the advice we give you can be put immediately into practices. The only other advice we would and could give you would be outsourcing for things relating to strength, agility, balance and other physical components that take time to improve. 

You practice, practice practice and then show us more film. We want to see how you’ve improved! 


Choose your desired plan!








You have three options! You can try us out for one month and see how we work for you. If you’re happy with the results, you can add an additional two months and get all the extra perks of the three month program. The six month option is for our serious players. 

Our coaches got into coaching for one reason: we love sharing the sport! With more than 45 years of combined experience we have seen just about everything you can see. We offer our program to help young athletes to reach their full potential. We want to work alongside their current coach, some things in volleyball are universal (you’d be surprised how many things aren’t). Sometimes we will offer advice, other times we can counsel the athletes through injuries, mental blocks and give tips that any player can implement immediately. 

When you buy a program, you aren’t just given cookie cutter advice. We guarantee our personal touch. Afterall, we were young athletes once and would like to help in areas we wish we had the guidance. VolleyGuide is set on being a resource for athletes regardless of location, skill level, etc. 

Because VolleyGuide is more than just vague advice, we don’t require it. It’s the best thing we can have to help you improve but there are a few ways around it. 

You can ask a coach, teammate, or parent to film you during practice. Even just a few small clips of the skill you’re trying to improve can give us a better sense of what your skill level is. Game film isn’t necessary, but we do have to watch you play in some capacity. 

Every program is a custom program. Our mission is to give each player a supplement to their current situation. A way to get better with us, but to also continue to progress long after you’ve chosen us to help you. You have coaches on the court, we are simply here to give you something custom. 

That depends on you. Like any other coach we can’t force you to do anything. We cannot make you try something new, implement advice, nor play for you. How quickly you get better is entirely dependent on you. We can and will help in any way we can to make the results noticeable. But it boils down to you doing the work.