As a professional volleyball player with over a decade of playing experience, Urban knows what will make the player better; that’s why he founded VolleyGuide to share his knowledge with others to become better players overall on the court and outside.

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With VolleyGuide, our mission is to share real experiences from professional players’ standpoint to help elevate your game. Many volleyball players don’t realize their potential; they just need the proper guidance.

We believe that sharing our experiences and providing this type of valuable information is the best way to evolve as players of the sport. With all the time, energy, and dedication we put into our game, we must also take care of and protect our body, as it makes the impossible possible each day.

VolleyGuide’s mission is to provide honest, authentic, and helpful information to players all around the world. Our vision is to create a platform where players can receive the support they need to reach their full potential. By offering genuine insights backed by years of national games and hours of training, we hope to build a platform on the foundation of trust and accountability. Welcome to VolleyGuide!

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Professional Volleyball Player Urban Toman



Urban is a 24-year-old professional volleyball player and Slovenian national team member. Volleyball was a path laid out for him since childhood. When he first started playing at nine years old, he fell in love immediately. Six years later, his professional career took off as he started training with OK Žirovnica club’s senior team. This is when his childhood passion started turning into a purpose and a career.

As Urban’s career started naturally accelerating, he joined the OK Triglav Kranj team and won a bronze medal at a national championship. By age nineteen, he debuted with the national team, played in the World Championship, the European Championship, and the World League II. His team won first place and qualified for the first division.

After years of hard work and dedication, Urban signed his first professional contract abroad with the Giesen Grizzlys (Germany). Shortly after, he joined one of Germany’s best teams, United Volleys Frankfurt. He then proceeded to join the leading Slovenian club, Ach Volley Ljubljana, and then a year later, OK Budva (Montenegro Champions), where he still plays today.

Coach & Writer

Cait De Witt Strugar

When I was 14, I left my home state of Wyoming for California. I played for four years in the Bay Area during my high school years. Consequently, I earned a full-ride scholarship to Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles, CA. LMU is a division one school and was a top 25 team in three of the four years I played. Notably, LMU was invited to the NCAA playoffs twice during my tenure; in 2012 and 2014.

After university, I moved to Geneva Switzerland to continue my volleyball career. I played two consecutive seasons with the Eagles professionally. After my second season with them, I sadly had to return home to the United States and tend to chronic pain plaguing my knee. I am no stranger to injury or recovery – as I endured two knee operations and managed to return to the professional arena. Once again, I landed in Geneva. Thereupon, I pursued a master’s degree and another opportunity to play professionally. I earned a top-scorer jersey my first season back. However, 2020 proved to get the better of me and forced a medical retirement – a torn rotator cuff.

It is here and now, two years into retirement that I have the pleasure of writing about volleyball and hoping to guide other athletes to achieve their dreams. I have 18 years of volleyball experience. Through these years there are many of pain, resilience, strength, weakness, and everything in between. I hope to help you achieve the best version of yourself through volleyball. 

Cait De Witt Strugar

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