Urban Toman is a professional volleyball player with experience playing in the highest level competitions such as the World Championship, European Championship, and Champions League.

What is the libero in volleyball

What Is The Libero In Volleyball

Like many other sports, Volleyball involves different positions, and each plays a different role in the team. In volleyball, there are five precisely opposite, setter, outside hitter, middle blocker, and the libero. However, in this blog post, we will cover one that involves mainly defence and passing: the position of the libero. First of all, …

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Nike Hyper Ace 2 Review (1)

Nike Hyperace 2 Review

With a very minimalistic design, Nike Hyperace 2 volleyball shoes, used by many professional athletes, including myself, could be one of the best picks for volleyball. Nike is becoming one of the go-to brands in the volleyball world due to producing high-quality equipment. Nike Hyperace 2 shoe uses zoom technology, and you will get a …

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Nike pg6 Review (1)

Nike PG6 Review

Nike PG6 ‘Hyper Royal’ on Nike US Shop -> https://t.co/aFCoFdSqgu#AD pic.twitter.com/Q6igXv2OfZ — SNKR_TWITR (@snkr_twitr) August 12, 2022 The history of the famous NBA basketball player’s shoe line dates back to 2016, when the first model in his collection was released. Nike is launching a new Paul George model, the sixth in their collection PG6. The …

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