Urban Toman is a professional volleyball player with experience playing in the highest level competitions such as the World Championship, European Championship, and Champions League.

Harden vol 6 (1)

Adidas Harden Vol 6 (Full Review)

Adidas has just launched new basketball shoes of the Harden line and could be a great pick for volleyball players as well. Volleyball is a sport that demands a lot from a pair of shoes—such as good traction, smooth heel-to-toe transition, supportive cushioning, and durability. Harden vol 6 is suitable for the fans of a …

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How long is a volleyball game (1)

How Long Is A Volleyball Game

Compared to other team sports like basketball or football, volleyball is different in a way that is not played on time. There are a few factors affecting how long the volleyball game will last, and we must consider the level, how many sets the game will have, and some other aspects that can also impact …

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Setter in volleyball (1)

Setter In Volleyball (Explained)

As the basketball teams have point guards to make plays, the setters are the ones who make them in volleyball. They have the most challenging job on the court because they depend on the attackers’ performance; sometimes, even great setters can look bad on the court if other players don’t contribute. In this post, we …

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