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The 5 Best Volleyball Shoes (Updated For 2023)

Volleyball is one of the most popular and, in my view, the most beautiful sport. As professional players, We know how vital a role good volleyball shoes play, leading to overall improvements in your game.

When it comes to volleyball shoes, there are a few things you should consider before making your purchase. With our list of the best volleyball shoes and the ultimate buying guide, you will learn everything you need to know when buying new ones.

5 Best Shoes For Volleyball (Overall)

We will discuss the different models of shoes available on the market, how to choose the right size that fits well, and what features to look for before purchasing. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, read on for all the information you need to pick the perfect pair of volleyball shoes!

1. Adidas Stabil Next Gen 2.0

Adidas Stabil Next Gen 2.0 Review



First on our list is Adidas Stabil Next Gen 2.0. They are made by Forged Adidas Primeknit textile upper; for cushion, the technology they use is Boost, which in our opinio,n is one of the best compared to all competitive brands. But where this shoe will stand out the most is the traction. With the Rubber outsole, the shoe will stick to the ground like glue, and you will experience little to no slipping on the volleyball court.

It will give you a tremendous, supportive feel and fit like socks on your foot. They are comfortable and will provide excellent stability, which will help you with agility on the volleyball court. We believe these are the best volleyball shoes on the market right now. They will mostly fit outside hitters, liberos, or setters. The only complaint we have is the design, which will not play any role in the performance. Check out Women’s model.

2. Nike React Hyperset

Nike React Hyperset Review



The cushion in the Nike React Hyperset shoes is not the greatest, but Nike is trying their best to improve it. That can be seen on year by year basis. What you will get most out of that shoe are durability and support. It is exceptional. It will reduce the probability of ankle injury, which is crucial in volleyball. The same goes for traction. They use the same sole pattern as their basketball brother Nike Hyperdunk, where traction was also excellent. That shoe was widely used by volleyball players as well, and it is probably the main reason Nike Decided to implement it into their volleyball shoe model, Nike react Hyperset as well. They could do a better job with the design, but overall it does not look that bad. We think they look a bit too bulky, despite being very lightweight.
You can never go wrong with Nike Hypersets. They are available both for men and women. Give them a try! View Women’s model.
For more selections from Nike, check out our article, The Best Nike Volleyball Shoes.

3. Asics Sky Elite FF (MT2)

Asics Sky Elite FF (MT2) Review



As we often say on our blog, Asics is one of the most famous and old-school volleyball brands. Asics is taking a similar route as other brands, improving the designs of their equipment and shoes. Asics Sky Elites FF (MT) 2 are based on Dinawrap technology, making shoes more flexible and providing better stability. Furthermore, it will allow you to make fast direction changes, essential for volleyball players.

One of the drawbacks of Asics Sky Elite FF is its durability. They will wear quickly, so you probably need a few more pairs for a whole season. Of course, that means if you play volleyball more regularly. As with the Sky Elites FF (MT 2) design, Asics did a decent job, although there is still room for improvement. Compared to other shoes, the ones from Asics, Sky Elites included are more flexible, which means they will fit and feel more comfortable faster. Check out Women’s model

4. Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 Review



Although Mizuno Brand is losing popularity among volleyball players, it doesn’t mean they provide worse volleyball shoes than other brands. What we can say about the Z6 model is that it will provide excellent traction and decent support. If you need more ankle support, go with the mid-top version, which is also available. Materials that are used are a bit stiffer, so you will need more time to wear them. Nonetheless, when you do, you will feel comfortable enough. Compared to the Wave momentum model from Mizuno, these volleyball shoes are lighter, so if you play Libero or setter position, we don’t see why you wouldn’t choose them as your primary playing shoe. Professional players are wearing them, so why wouldn’t you too? View Women’s model.

5. Asics Netburner FF (MT3)

Asics Netburner FF (MT3) Review



The Asics Net Burner will perform similarly to Asics Sky Elite FF (MT2). They are available both in low and mid-top versions, the same as previous versions. You can expect excellent traction, as with any Asics shoe, and okay support; the only drawback we would point out is the lack of colorways available. If your preference is solely performance, give them a try! Those could be great volleyball shoes for the liberos and setters. If your position is outside hitter, opposite or middle blocker, choose a high-top or Asics Sky Elite FF (MT2) model for better ankle protection. They are available for women as well.

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Best Men’s

In this article, you will find our selection of the best Men’s shoe models available on the market. The selection ranges from both basketball to volleyball shoes. Under each product, you will notice which playing position-specific shoes suit you best.

The best 10 men's volleyball shoes (1)

Best Women’s

The same goes for the women’s list. Women’s volleyball is slightly different from men’s. It’s less physical and involves more defense and longer actions, so it differs from the Men’s volleyball list.

The best womens volleyball shoes (1)

Best by Brand

To make it easier for you to decide which brand suits you best, we prepared a list of the best shoes for each brand. Brands include Nike, Adidas, Asics, Under Armour, and Mizuno.

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Best mizuno volleyball shoes
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What makes the best volleyball shoes?

Traction and stability

The Best volleyball shoes have to provide excellent traction and stability. They should prevent you from slipping so you can make jumps, quick movements, and cuts with ease and prevent unwanted injuries.


There are lots of jumps in volleyball, and shoes need to be cushioned enough to provide a soft landing and protect your foot going through lots of stress.

What to Consider When buying the best Volleyball Shoe

There are a few key factors you need to consider when buying volleyball shoes. Let’s go over them briefly.

1. The position you are playing

As you probably already know, there are five playing positions in volleyball—opposite, setter, outside hitter, middle blocker, and libero. So choosing the right volleyball shoes would probably vary depending on your role. For example, middle blockers and opposites could go for more robust shoes with more ankle support due to more jumps when playing. On the other side, Libero could go with more lightweight shoes due to more lateral and quick movements. That, of course, varies from person to person. Whichever shoe you pick up, you need to feel as comfortable as possible.

2. The size and fit

It is essential to make sure you choose a shoe that fits well. Different brands come in different sizes, so make sure you try a few models before buying them online. You can ask your teammates to borrow your desired model to make sure they fit well. Every brand should also provide a measurement chart to help you choose the right shoe size for your foot.

3. The level of support

If you have any foot or ankle problems, you should choose a shoe that provides good (ankle) support. This will make sure your feet are safe and comfortable.

4. The price

Good volleyball shoes can range from around $100 to $200. Quality plays the main factor. Your legs and feet should feel comfortable, so I advise spending a little more on new shoes, your feet will be thankful.

5. The brand

There are many different brands of volleyball shoes available on the market. Some brands are more popular than others, and some offer a more comprehensive range of products. When I started to train as a kid, I remember that the most popular volleyball shoes were Asics and Mizuno. Everybody had them. Today, more players are changing to Nike and Adidas, primarily because they offer more variations and better colorways.

6. The warranty

Most volleyball shoes come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This is important if you have any problems with the shoes after purchasing them. Make sure to read the fine print and understand the warranty terms before making your purchase especially online.

7. The color and design

Volleyball shoes come in a variety of colors and designs. You can choose a shoe that matches your team’s uniform or pick a design you like. Select a brand and colorway that you will be happy with for the long term. In my opinion, Nike basketball shoes have some of the best designs out there, so if you want to look good and stand out from others, go with Nike shoes.

8. The return policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, choosing a shoe with a good return policy is essential. This way, you can return the shoes and get your money back if they do not meet your expectations. Nike, in my opinion, has an excellent warranty policy. It happened to me that my Paul George’s got punctured, and after the investigation process that lasted only one week, they returned me the money with no complications.

Four steps to consider when buying the best volleyball shoes

Now that you know what to look for let’s go through some steps on how to choose the perfect volleyball shoes.

Step One: Consider your body weight and past injuries.

The first step to consider is what your body weight is. The heavier you are more stressed your foot and your legs will be. In that case, try to get hands-on shoes that are bulkier and provide more support (High-Top). Same applies if you had lots of ankle injuries in the past. Be sure to choose volleyball shoes with better ankle support or use ankle braces to protect them from injury instead.

Step Two: Consider your budget.

The second step is to consider your budget. As I already said, good volleyball shoes range in price from $100 to $200. All shoes over $100 should perform well, so try to go over that number.

Step Three: Check on different models of shoes.

The third step is to check on different models and designs of shoes. There are hundreds of various models and brands of shoes that can be used for volleyball. Today’s trend is that many professional players wear basketball shoes, which are very similar to volleyball. (“We will talk about those in the next blog post”). Their advantage is that they have hundreds of different colorways and designs; consequently, you are left with more options.

Step Four: Make a decision and buy new shoes.

Once you’ve gone through different types of shoe models and considered your budget, it’s time to make a decision and buy the pair you like the most.

Stores To Check out FOR The best volleyball shoes

All Volleyball Online store (US)

All Volleyball online shop is the best available in the United States. They provide different volleyball-specific products from the most famous brands at affordable prices, from Nike to Adidas. You can get hands-on knee pads, braces, and other accessories, so if you are located in the US, be sure to check them out!

We Play Volleyball Online store (EU)

On the European market best online volleyball store is in Germany. We Play Volleyball. Their collection of brands and volleyball accessories is one of the biggest I’ve seen, and they provide shipping all over Europe.


Does my playing position have an important role when choosing the best volleyball shoes?

In our opinion, not really. Just go with the ones you like the most from the looks colorway and the ones you will feel most comfortable with. It’s not rocket science. If you need more ankle support, ankle braces could bring even better ankle protection in combination with any shoe model, and in that case, you should be fine.

Which is the best volleyball shoe brand?

There are tons of good volleyball shoe models. Check different online stores to find the best deal possible. My advice is to choose between volleyball and basketball shoes. My preference is Nike, but some other brands provide awesome volleyball shoes also, like Asics, Mizuno, Adidas, and Under Armour.

Can I use my volleyball shoes for gym workouts also?

Certainly, you can, but it’s not advised. The shoe will get flat, especially if you lift heavy weights, so try to have two different pairs—one for playing volleyball and the second one for a gym workout.

How long do volleyball shoes usually last?

There is no definitive answer to this question. It depends on how many times per week you are playing. We know the players that can play with only one pair the whole season. But that’s a rare case. If you are training more than five times per week, try to have at least 2-3 pairs for one season. I usually go with three.

Do all brands provide shoes for both genders?

All brands provide shoes both for women and men. If you want to buy basketball shoes for playing volleyball, it will be hard to find shoes specifically for women.

Do I need to break in my new volleyball shoes?

If you feel pain when you start using them, replace them with your old pair mid-practice and repeat that every time until the new ones feels comfortable. I have a wide foot, so the pain is unbearable whenever I use new shoes. I need at least two weeks until they feel comfortable.

Which are the best volleyball shoes for beginners?

If you are a beginner player, try to get a pair with good ankle support and good traction. Don’t be naive and play volleyball with running or football (soccer) shoes that provide zero ankle support. In any case, We would recommend you to buy specific volleyball or basketball shoes even if you go for a cheaper option. Remember, you shouldn’t rely on only shoes only because they will not make you a better player alone. Putting the work in the gym will play a much more significant role. Check out our article about how to get better at volleyball to learn more!

The Best Volleyball Shoes List
1.Adidas Stabil Next Gen 2.0
2.Nike HyperSet
5.ASICS Netburner FF MT 3
The 5 Best Volleyball Shoes


Due to so many products and stores to choose from, it’s hard to make a buying decision; however, we hope that we have provided enough information that will make a decision easier. So what is the most important thing you are looking for when buying new volleyball shoes? Is it traction, support, cushion, or something else? Leave a comment down below and let us know.


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