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With a very minimalistic design, Nike Hyperace 2 volleyball shoes, used by many professional athletes, including myself, could be one of the best picks for volleyball. Nike is becoming one of the go-to brands in the volleyball world due to producing high-quality equipment. Nike Hyperace 2 shoe uses zoom technology, and you will get a smooth and natural transition from heel to toe. The look and performance remind me of Kobe 8 shoes that I wore when I started playing volleyball professionally. In our Hyperace 2 review, we will go through the key features this shoe provides to see if it’s a good pick for your next main volleyball-playing shoe.

Nike Zoom Hyperace 2 review


Traction for the Nike Hyperace 2 has been excellent. I’ve been playing in them the whole season in Frankfurt, so I had more than enough playing time to get good feedback about traction and other main performance points. The grip is so reliable that you can do fast lateral movements with ease. Reacting on tips, sprinting, basically everything you will be able to do without any significant slippages.


Cushion in Nike Hyperace is okay; in other words, it’s not the best. If you have problems with your knees or ankles, I recommend going with a different shoe to provide better shock absorption and allow softer landings. Check out this shoe for better cushioning.

Wear resistance:

Same as a cushion, wear resistance is also not excellent. The front of the sole can peel off pretty quickly. When I played in them, I used them mainly for games, and for practice, I used other shoes. They will last for one season if you do not use them as every day playing shoes.


As with the fit, I advise you to go true to size. They can feel a little tight at the start, but playing through them for one week or so, the midsole should fit perfectly, and you will get a more comfortable feeling. The materials that Nike Hyperace 2 contains are also made from stretchy fabric, which will let you, together with the excellent flexibility of the shoe, break them in pretty fast.


Lateral Support in the Nike Hyperace is very good. However, you will not get great ankle support because it’s a low-top shoe. If you regularly experience problems with ankles, you want to get excellent ankle support; in that case, try to use a different model that will give you better ankle protection. This one will do the job done.


As I said, Nike Hyperace 2 design is very minimalistic and, as I said, reminds me of Kobe 8 basketball shoe. For some reason, Nike volleyball shoes don’t have many colorways available. Probably because due to the bigger focus on basketball designs. I would expect some more premium-looking materials due to the pricing, but this will not affect your performance in any way. If you want to be flashy on the court, go with other available models, which will give you a similar performance. ALL Volleyball should get you covered!

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Photo: United Volleys @Corinna Seibert

Nike Zoom Hyperace 2 Review

Nike hyperset 2


What you will get with this one is a very underrated shoe. It will give you excellent traction, support, and it’s very lightweight. Performance-wise, it lacks cushion and wear resistance, but it’s not that big of a deal. It’s good to know it comes both in women’s and men’s colorways, which is great. I recommend this shoe primarily for Liberos and Setters. I’ve used it, and I promise you will not be disappointed. Nike Hyperace 2 shoes are currently All Volleyball. Be sure to check it out.

So what are your thoughts on our Nike Hyperace 2 review? Do you think they are worth a buy or would you rather choose a different model? Let us know in a comment section down below.

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